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JobKit is a personalised mobile productivity support platform that helps enterprise deliver and track product information and knowledge as well as fosters collaboration and communication amongst busy field workers on their mobile devices. Together with ConnectKit - our flagship mobile e-commerce storefront - and SalesKit - our mobile field sales toolkit, remote field workers can now rely on TapTalents' simple yet powerful mobile solutions to significantly enhance business efficiencies and productivity.

Industry-leading companies face a unique set of challenges, like deliverying the right content to the right user and helping them stay top of mind with customers. JobKit helps organizations drive revenue through increased engagement with enterprise content on any device.

Our state-of-the-art cross platform mobile productivity tool was developed from ground up to specifically cater to the growing needs of your mobile workforce.

How Your Business Can Leverage On Our Platform

Our JobKit platform, together with extension modules ConnectKit and SalesKit are all tightly integrated to address complexities and efficiencies of various enterprises, both large or small. Whether it's for supporting your mobile sales force for sales enablement to boost sales figures, mobile field workers for performance support to enhance knowledge workers or even mobile retail operations to deliver highly interactive mobile brochures to delight your store customers, our integrated mobile solutions will address your common daily operational challenges and fulfil all of your business goals.

Jobkit's Feature
Content Authoring & Management
Our authoring environment enables non technical users to build interactive content that's optimized for every screen size
JobKit is as simple to use as a word processor. Our composer enables you to create content elements that automatically work across devices — all in your browser.
JobKit content strictly adheres to templates that ensure cross-device compatibility. Our basic templates can be extended to meet virtually any team’s needs.
Our integrated dashboard shows how much time users spend in your content, which parts they return to, which devices they use, and which interactive they explore.
Content Delivery & Collaboration
Content is modern, up to date, and media-rich, with interactivity and searchability built in.
Personalized Briefcase
Create virtual briefcases to personally tailor their content and knowledge according sales or job situations. These materials in turn can be easily shared with colleagues, to customers, business and channel partners.
Scheduled Push Announcement
Our push schedular system enables any sort of announcements, web links, content, documents and even quizzes to be pushed to any users.
Real-time / Online Chat
Enable real-time interaction among learners and facilitators with online chat. Online chat (synchronous collaboration) is the perfect informal learning tool.
Tracking & Feedback
Get insights into how, where, and when your content is being used, making it easy to improve and adjust your content effectively.
User Data
Behaviour around your content is tracked rigorously. From the pages viewed, to the time a user spends on a page, and even which elements they interact with.
Content Commenting & Rating
Get valuable feedback from your sales people and see what works in the field. Sales reps can rate sales material and post comments on it.
Location Tracking
Track the location of your sales reps, users and learners to deliver more contextualised information, content and instructions.
Analytics & Recommendations
The most effective content for any prospect is pushed to sales reps when they need it. There’s no searching; the right content is recommended contextually.
Marketing & Sales Insights
Find out what marketing content is being used and shared by sales reps so that you can refine your sales process and marketing activities based on content usage.
Content Discovery & Recommendation
JobKit powers content discovery by transforming unstructured page content into structured data, identifying information such as keywords, entities and concepts within the text.
Text Mining and Content Matching
Best practice content is dynamically matched with leads, contacts and accounts. Content is delivered proactively – no searching required.
Transforming Your Business End to End Through Mobility
Solution's Extension
Extend your mobile platform to empower your field sales with enhanced productivity on-the-go!.
Extend your mobile platform to enable your e-commerce web site to reach global customers! Start accepting online orders now!