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The Revolution We’re Starting

TapTalents is revolutionizing corporate and workplace productivity by providing personalised mobile performance support and productivity solutions.
In the digital age of today where mobile devices are increasingly gaining popularity, TapTalents is leveraging the ubiquity of mobility to enhance your workplace productivity and business efficiencies. Integrating the best of technology elements such as real-time connectivity, accessibility, secure cloud-computing, and much more, we are able to deliver solutions that encompass a variety of business processes like training, sales, marketing, customer service, content management, analytics, and much more.
It’s time to translate your major business operations with our mobile productivity and performance support solutions…

Our Solution
JobKit is a personalised mobile productivity support platform that helps enterprise deliver and track product information and knowledge as well as fosters collaboration and communication amongst busy field workers on their mobile devices.
Solution's Extension
Extend your mobile platform to empower your field sales with enhanced productivity on-the-go!.
Extend your mobile platform to enable your e-commerce web site to reach global customers! Start accepting online orders now!
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